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Tourist Places in Kollam
Kollam or Quilon, formerly Desinganadu, is an old seaport and city on the Laccadive Sea coast of Kerala, India. The city is on the banks Ashtamudi Lake. Kollam has had a strong commercial reputation since the days of the Phoenicians and Romans.
Kollam Beach

An array of beach activities attract thousands of tourists throughout the year to this perfect beach setting offering panoramic views of the Arabian Sea

A port city and one time active harbour for Chinese ships and trade, Kollam Beach is home to Chinese fishing nets, Chinese water pots and sampan-like boats seen even today.

Palaruvi Falls

Palaruvi - literally, stream of milk - is one of Kerala's most picturesque waterfalls, cascading down a height of 300 feet. It is a favourite picnic spot for visitors from all over south India.

The journey to Palaruvi through the dense tropical forest is a spellbinding experience.

Palaruvi which means stream of milk makes its way down the rocks, from a height of 300 feet. It is a beautiful picnic spot. The PWD Inspection Bungalow and the KTDC Motel here offer comfortable accommodation. The surrounding mist-clad blue hills and green valleys form a stunning backdrop to the milk-white burst of foam whose muffled roar resounds through the otherwise tranquil virgin forest.

Jadayupara (Jadayu Rock)

This huge rock at Chandayamangalam is not an ordinary hillock, which offers great trekking experience to travelers. In fact, it is something more significant and mythological, that attract numerous adventure enthusiasts from different parts of the country throughout the year.

Jatayupara is a big rock, situated in a village, near to Kollam District, where Jatayu, the giant vulture from the epic Ramayana, was believed to be fell after being injured by Ravana, who kidnapped Goddess Sita.

This beautiful spot is rich in natural beauty and so a lot of visitors come here to experience the loveliness of exotic forests and to view the rocky hillock, which has a mythological significances attached to it.