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Tourist Places in Malappuram
Malappuram is a city in the southern Indian state of Kerala, spread over an area of 33.61 km². The first municipality in the district formed in 1970, Malappuram serves as the administrative headquarters of Malappuram district.
Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary

The Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary lies in the Malappuram District of the state of Kerala in India. It spreads over a cluster of islands where the Kadalundipuzha River flows into the Arabian Sea. The Sanctuary hill is around 200 m above sea level.

Scattered over a cluster of islands on the confluence of the Kadalundipuzha River and the Arabian Sea, this sanctuary is home to over a hundred species of native birds, and around 60 species of migratory birds.

Rich in diverse flora and fauna, Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary serves as a paradise for the ecology lovers.


Kottakkunnu, located near the district collectorate in Malappuram, here one can see traces of an old fort at the crest of the Cantonment Hill. The fort was the first to be built by the Zamorins of Kozhikode.

The Municipality of Malappuram City has started Kottakkunnu Amusement park - a water theme park in the valley of Kottakunnu.

Nearby are the Vettakkorumakan Temple and the Siva Temple with the famous murals of Malabar.

Nedumkayam Rainforest

Located about 15 km from Nilambur in Malappuram is the Nedumkayam Rainforest. This is one of the beautiful and dense forest in Kerala with a splendid variety of flora and fauna. An integral part of Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, this area is ideal for trekking.

Situated on the banks of Chaliyar River, Nilambur is noted for tribal settlements, vast rainforests, waterfalls and extensive plantations of teakwood.

There is a wooden rest house inside the forest that was built by British during colonial days. This wooden rest house offers the view of inner forest and the wild animals like elephant, deer etc. The visitors should get prior permission from the forest department to enter in to the forest.


Tirunavaya is a village and Hindu pilgrim centre situated 8 km southeast of Tirur Municipality in Malappuram district, Kerala. Situated on the northern bank of the Bharathapuzha (Nila River), Tirunavaya is one of the most prominent places for bali tharpan in Kerala

Thirunavaya was the venue for Mamankam, a medieval military and cultural festival, held once every 12 years. Thirunavaya has been referred to as the 'Kashi of South India.

Bharathapuzha in Thirunavaya, flows caressing the temples of god Vishnu (Nava Mukunda Temple) on its north bank and god Brahma and Shiva on its south bank. Hence the pithrukarma/pithrukriyas performed at this 'Thrimoorthy Sangam' are considered as very sacred. On Karkidaka Vavu (no moon day of the Karkidaka month), Hindus from different part of northern Kerala travel to the temple, to perform the pithrukriya (bali tharpan) seeking moksha for their ancestors.